Top Renewable Energy Companies in India

Millennial interests have swayed in favor of renewable energy resources. The commitment of brands to environmental consciousness and sustainability affects consumer choices. Renewable energy companies in India promote corporate social responsibility by enhancing the production of non-conventional energy resources. India’s population is growing sharply and so are its energy demands. Keeping in tandem with millennial interests, the Indian energy sector is promoting green energy. Many renewable energy companies in India have come forth to undertake this mission. The Indian energy sector has a commendable performance on renewable energy resources. So, what are the top renewable energy companies in India? Below is the list of some of the best renewable energy companies in India.

1. ReNew Power Ventures

ReNew Power Power Ventures engages in the production of renewable energy using wind and solar resources. Since the company’s inception in 2012, the company has achieved massive growth in the sector. The top investors of the company include Global Environment Fund, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Goldman Sachs, etc.

2. Suzlon

Suzlon relies primarily on wind resources to produce non-conventional energy. The company owns at least 100 wind farms to optimize production. Moreover, the company also undertakes recycling missions across various states.

3. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.

Tata Power Solar Systems ranks atop the renewable energy companies in India. This company operates primarily in the wind and solar sector. It is also the recipient of several international recognitions.

4. Indian Biogas Association

Founded in 2011, this company is a leading producer of biogas in the country. It also encompasses the largest biogas network in India. This network strives to promote the usability of biogas. This is the only company on this list of renewable energy companies in India that works on biogas.

5. Amplus Solar

As the name suggests, Amplus works in the solar sector. It is part of Malaysia’s Petroliam Nasional Berhad Group (PETRONAS). The primary mission of the company is to offer low-carbon energy resources to its high-end customers.

6. Shell

Shell is another leader among the renewable energy companies of India. The company is operational across 70 countries. The R&D of Shell undertakes missions to develop biofuels that can ensure sustainability. They continually research convertible strategies to optimize production. Renewable energy consultants in India consider this organization a forerunner of international sustainability in near future.

7. Hindustan Power

Hindustan Power has an impressive operational capacity of 6000MW. The renewable operations of this company focus on the solar and wind sectors. The undertaking functions to protect the business interests of its stakeholders through unwavering corporate social responsibility principles.

8. Adani Renewables

This firm aspires to become the leader in the renewable energy sector by 2030. As part of future expansion, the company has acquired Inox Wind and Essel Group. These acquisitions have increased the capacity of the solar and wind assets of the company. It also expects to increase the current GW (2.5) to 18 GW by 2025.

Production of Energy by Renewable Energy Companies in India

The government of India is on a fast-paced strategy to utilize maximum conventional energy resources. According to renewable energy consultants, the green energy sector is touted to grow big in the upcoming years. The top renewable energy companies in India have maximized production to keep in tandem with consumer demands. This increased need for production will bring additional investments that are worth at least $80 billion.

The additional investments will bring in close alternatives. Renewable energy consultants in India opine that the price of resources will come down greatly due to this trend. Non-renewable resources like coal will face replacement. This replacement can save money which can be used for other sustainable developments. As per the projections of renewable energy consultants, the prospects of the renewable energy sector will increase manifold by 2030.

The Last Word

The leading renewable energy companies in India are promoting greener alternatives to non-renewable resources. The observations of renewable energy consultants offer optimistic growth prospects for the green energy sector. India’s reliance on non-renewable energy sources will come down in the coming years. The top renewable energy companies in India aspire to increase production to keep in lieu with the consumer demands.

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