Explore Possibilities

  • Energy Consultancy
    Our power trading solutions aim to eliminate demand and supply imbalances in energy management. We offer our clientele the best value in power trading solutions.
  • ESG & Sustainability Services
    Altilium Energie has been recognized for over a decade with pioneering ESG and Sustainability Consulting. We empower enterprises to adopt sustainable practices with our deep understanding of ESG trends.
  • Project Management
    With our expertise, we can enable our clients to transition towards a lower carbon footprint and low carbon future sustainably. This helps an enterprise move towards a cleaner and greener future.
  • Power Trading
    We help our clientele resolve complex energy procurement and management challenges related to cost volatility, alternate energy sources, and strategic shifting of dependence from the traditional market.
  • Carbon Trading
    We assist our C&I clients with various solutions to help them optimise their energy costs most effectively. Altilium helps drive the transition towards sustainable and clean sources of power, thereby ultimately contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  • IT Services
    Leave building exceptional products to us. With cutting-edge technologies and unprecedented quality of code, we make designing tech products look easy.
RE Projects
  • Solar Projects
    Solar power is India’s leading renewable energy source. Altilium has a significant role in India’s growth and transformation to a net zero-carbon corporate future.
  • Wind Projects
    Wind power can be generated on a small or large scale. It is a pivotal element in the quest for a more sustainable future. Wind has the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a consistent and reliable energy source, just like other renewable energy sources.
  • EV Logistics
    Altilium has invested in the EV Trucking Services segment and will soon deploy trucks on Indian roads in collaboration with Switch Labs.